catching up


Our family is leaving suburbia, and we are setting off on our own treechange adventure! See you on the flipside, when we are all moved, unpacked, and settled in.10700702_10152615167049902_6230792618980790644_o

Still Here, Still Creating

Hello there, neglected blog! I am so sorry that you were left, half broken and sad. But I am back!

There’s been a lot of knitting going on in the last 6 months, lots of it for other people. It’s been a time of great change – a very long and difficult part of our lives came to a (sort of) conclusion, the kids all went up a year in school, and our youngest started preschool! I am the kinder president for this year, a role that I really enjoy. N is in training to become a Scout Leader, and we both contribute as much time as we can to scout activities and the committee. PHEW.

Rather than bother you with individual posts, here is a summary of my knits since my last post :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.50.04 am

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.49.42 am


And, in addition to hand knitting, I am almost ready to give my knitting machine another go. After LOTS of fighting, I have it 99% working! I also have a beautiful new rigid heddle loom, and cannot WAIT to get mah weave on again.

I am in the process of losing about 45KG, on a very restrictive diet, so there won’t be any food p*rn pics from me for a while!

Until next time…

Crafting Catchup

The seasons are changing, spring is here, and my crafting mojo is shifting too. After knitting so many custom orders, and then garments for myself, my knitting mojo vanished!




(BIG Rubble)




And a beautiful Deep Water in 12ply Stellar..

I managed a couple of hats:



(Both Crooked Paths – I think I have a small problem.)

And then, my mojo was gone. So I figured it was time to spend some valulable time with my wheel, Suzie..



Suzie had a bit of TLC at the Nanny and Ewe Muster in Bendigo in July.. Her creator, Owen Poad gave her a new drive band which has made her feel like a new woman!

I dug deep in the fibre stash, and started some practice spins with some of my older fluff.



This one was just plain fun!


And this one was just plain soft, squishy, and almost perfect (to me!) I really feel that my technique has improved, and I am pretty darn happy with how this skein looks :)

What’s next?!


FO Catchup

It has been a mad dash to get some custom orders out the door on time!

(Not great pics, pardon)



3 pairs of divine alpaca socks for B.

And one two three FOUR wedding shrugs for a friend. These were a massive slog.



I took a quick break to make my very patient sidekick some GLUBS and a HAT.

Untitled Untitled

She chose the yarn – my rainbow girl!

I whipped up a few custom heat packs


Untitled Untitled


With my new beast!



And I even did some spinning (in an attempt to work out some issues with Suzie, my wheel)

Untitled Untitled


Which went to a friend as a birthday gift :) The fibre is merino top from Kathy’s Fibres (I was SO sad not to see her this year – get well soon Kathy!)

PHEW. And many hats and little gifts along the way. I cannot WAIT to make something for meeeeee!

Bendigo 2013

Whoah, time flies when the sticks are clacking :)

Well, it is that time again – the post-Bendi post! We went away to our home away from home, and much merriment and stash enhancement was had.

Our first stop was the BWM Mill, which had an extended back room for the first year! There was lots there, but not much in my mad colour preferences. I came home with a modest but very nice selection :) That bag is 5ply alpaca!



Next up, the Bendigo Pottery :) Now, I had been planning and saving up for my purchases since last year’s visit! Most of my pieces were seconds!



The yarn! This is a mix of purchases from the show, the muster, and the pop up shop.




And while driving up, I told everyone how I wasn’t buying any fibre this year. My wheel went to ‘hospital’ with the lovely Owen Poad (who made her!) and so with my spinning mojo rejuvenated… OOPS.



(hey, lots of plain colours to ply with. Smart, eh?)



A visit to the show isn’t complete without seeing Ron/Spinningwoodie – the handspun viking! A boat shuttle and spare spindles for my loom, and a yarnie! This was the must-have piece this year.

The hand carders were an afterthought, but after seeing blending boards, rolags, and reading about long draw spinning, I decided why not!

It was a fabulous weekend, and so good to catch up with old friends and new.